Tuesday, September 09, 2008


In a practical view of the world, what does it mean when we feel we done something "wrong"? What is the sense of "shame", "remorse", etc. that we feel after it? Are these concepts solely based on a "romantic" view of the world?

Even more depressing is the concept of "will" power ...

When we feel conflicted over repeating a "bad" habit, a lot of times, the conflict is between our short-term and long-term desires and benefits.

I cannot think coherently!

A common theme seems to be (self-imposed) "boundaries".

There are useful habits, in the sense that they help us in dealing with difficult situations and decisions in life. Harmful habits, on the other hand, typically help us deal with some problems but potentially cause more serious problems. Labeling harmful behaviors as "sin" adds a layer of complexity to the issue. It motivates us to avoid them. In this sense "moral" values add a rigidity to the boundaries, that may be useful.


  1. Here's another perspective:

    Let's look at the temptation of repeating harmful habits as a sign, as a feedback signal from what lies underneath (you can call it subconsciousness).
    Instead of judging ourselves for having the desire to repeat the habit, we can just take it as a signal that there are more works that needs to be done.
    Labeling them as sins and imposing some rigid boundaries is just "shooting the messenger". The underlying reasons won't go away.

  2. Valid point, thanks

    I guess your perspective is related to my claim that bad habits typically are defense mechanisms ( that kind of backfire!) and in that sense they signal some form of (outside/inside) pressure ...

    I still believe, though, that as long as the underlying reason is a temporary deviation or a short term problem, the boundaries work fine. Yet, if they become more severe/permanent then rigid boundaries may become a source of extra problems!!!!

    BTW, I just had a feeling that to a professional (psychologist) our discussion exactly sounds like people who write funny economic claims based on their imaginations :)

  3. I can't sympathize with your last paragraph more!!

    I always have the same feeling when people talk politics in parties!

  4. I agree with you!


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