Sunday, September 14, 2008


In a previous post I mentioned that I had to upgrade to a heavier (12 kg) bow from a lighter (9 kg) bow, that as a result I am re-learning a lot of form and components, and finally that how important are the small details of the form. But why upgrading into heavier bow? (well, I forced to do so, but anyway) 
Heavier bow provides needed resistance that force archer to refine and develop, but there is a fine balance here: An archer should not overpower the bow and the bow should not overpower the shooter. An archer has to work with the bow, with its strength, to be a good archer.

There seems to be a parallel in life: Problems and difficulties in life resemble the bow's resistance. We need enough challenge to keep us improving but not too much to overpower us. More importantly, we need to work with challenges, use them as the strength of a bow, to our advantage and to achieve our goals. 

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