Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hate - Dislike

A few days ago I realized that I hate myself, well hate is a strong word but I dislike many things about myself, which is probably -not- big news to people who know me well.
Then, I realized that many people share this in different degrees, why? I recalled how people react to hearing their own voice unexpectedly: most people I know show a sense of revolt, or shock, in such cases. Most people even confess that they don't like to hear their own voice.

So what? Assuming that the observation has some general validity (for a non-zero-measure subset of population! :)
1) Why people tend to dislike themselves? Does it serve any purpose?
2) What can be done to subside the dislike?

I am surprised by how little I could find by searching "self-hatred".
Some interesting related concepts:
Here is an example/discussion of the extreme case, which is not really what I had in mind, I am thinking about a more general, less extreme, negative emotion that people display when confronted with certain aspects of themselves, maybe even some memories ...


  1. It could be, but your example is not in case. People are used to hearing their own voice through their skull as well as the ear, so they get used to that composite voice. They get rather annoyed by the discrepancy between these two when they hear their recorded voice.

  2. OK, that was a good insight, so it can be simply observing-detecting discrepancy between what we think of ourselves and what we occasionally confront which is closer to our true selves?

  3. To answer your two questions, I highly recommend reading the book "A New Earth", by Eckhart Tolle. The notion of "pain body" is a very interesting topic he teaches in that book.

  4. Sima has the book but I was biased against it maybe because it was featured on Oprah :) but now I should take a serious look at it, thanks!


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