Monday, September 29, 2008

Evil Angels?

Inspired by this [post], I started thinking about why we perceive children, or more generally, baby animals "innocent", "peaceful", etc. I think the answer is in our evolution: an animal with favorable feeling toward its babies has a better chance of living in larger groups and ultimately become a "social" animal. So we are wired to see youngsters as less of a threat, and this is ultimately translated in our culture into a "peaceful" and innocent vision of babies and kids.

I read "Lord of the Flies", a novel by Golding, when I was 12-13. It is a dark, depressing, classic, for a collection of nice reviews and links see Since then, I am less impressed by expressions about children innocence, etc. I like small children, and I typically form a bond with them, at least some of them, but I do not buy that their are any better than adults in a moral sense, more innocent, etc. Children can be as cruel, and more selfish, than grownups ...


  1. And one more thing: in patriarchal societies, children are "commodities"; they translate in later workforce of different kind. So the whole process of baby-making, is sanctioned by the system. And the society has used it's propaganda means, i.e. tradition, to solidify this sanction in the human psyche.

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  3. Thanks for your comment, I am a bit confused, but I appreciate you writing your thoughts here ...


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