Friday, August 01, 2008

Words ...

Reading novels have been among my most favorite things to do, I can completely forget myself when reading a good novel, lose track of time and surrounding. So, for me coming to the conclusion that words are of very little value is ironic.

I sincerely believe that words cannot change life in any meaningful way. There is no "truth" to be revealed by a collection of words. If there are basic facts in life, they are so simple in words that expressing them becomes embarrassing. And even if you can express them nicely, that is if you are a good artist, their revelation cannot change anything in real world. Everyone has to come to his/her own truth true practices of life. There are no short-cuts, there are no bright ideas, there are no moments of revelation (even if they are, again, they are close to worthless)

This may be a dilemma, or may actually be the result of the great enjoyment I receive from words. We are typically harsher to those we love more :)


  1. There are no short-cuts: agreed.
    There are no bright ideas: I don't know.
    There are no moments of revelation: Disagreed.

    I agree that you have to practice your own way of life and grow, but there are some steps along the way that you have to jump. Call it growth spurt, quantum leap, ....

  2. This is the problem with my writing (words?! :)

    I do not have problem with jumps, but I think it is mostly an illusion that they come as "revelations", specially those caused by ideas/words!

    Jumps, I believe, are the outcome of accumulation of a stream of small trials and experiences and hard work. They are 90% internal and the external 10% may be related to something we hear or see

    Bright ideas ... well, they are very rare if they exist at all :) and I think they are typically very simple, but I don't know, this part is too intuitive, i.e. imagination rather than data+analysis :)

  3. To me, word is the most wonderful creature in the actual and virtual world. But, they are not only the ones that are siad;
    Words can be transfered through different means...
    I love the silent words more...

  4. Silent words is an interesting aspects ... I can appreciate your angle

    What I am describing is more of an internal contradiction I feel, I love words and enjoy them especially in the form of art, and the way they transcend us from our lives into different worlds, kind of like living in parallel worlds ... yet, I feel they (words, ideas, intellect) can betray us big time, in the sense that the life is much more closely related to our actions, how we live our lives and what we do to sustain being alive

    It is very difficult to describe this puzzle ...


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