Monday, August 25, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, I was playing tennis on a Saturday morning, when I started sweating like Niagara falls, to the extent that ... whatever, and in the course of the second hour of playing it got worse and I also had very strange pain in my back! Finally, on my way home I stopped at a public library to return/check out some DVDs, when I felt nausea and at some points was convinced that I was dying. Of course, I did not die and as soon as I got home I ate lots of carb thinking that it was some sort of weakness ... and got better. Since then, this happened with a lesser intensity a couple of times again.
The funny (?!) thing was that the first time I could swear that I was about to die, and being always fascinated by the idea, I even decided to write about the experience here but later I thought I had simply been delusional and paranoid.

Today, I read somewhere that these are signs of heart attack. Given that my trig. is 2-3 times higher than max. I guess I should consider the whole situation more seriously?

Anyway, to me there is a thin line between being oversensitive/paranoid and being careful and I am typically wandering in the paranoia side of the line, at least I used to think so ... ;)

Something tells me this is a very irresponsible post, and sadly immature, but at least it's honest :)

Went to cardiologist today, and he thought my heart is working like a clock ... 


  1. be careful Cookoojan! don't experiment with this plz! Call up your doctor tomorrow or i'll have to make some certain telephone calls;)

    do you drink enough water/sports-water during your workout? you could be dehydrated and that might bring muscle's cramps.

  2. No certain phone calls! I am kind of figuring out what's happening and will call a doctor tomorrow ...

    btw, i am not experimenting, i am discovering :)

  3. I have not experienced it myself so far, but if I were you I would take it serious. Just go for visiting a doctor; maybe it is the doctor who needs to see you and feel better!!

  4. Our family doctor is a Russian (and his wife, sometimes) both graduated from Moscow university ... The office reminds me of doctor offices in Iran, same disrespectful attitude of secretaries, etc. But overall it is kind of fun to go there every once in a while :)

  5. I like the post. It feels very original and genuine. I like the fact that you didn't panic and didn't fall into the paranoia/oversensitive side.

    I used to worry a lot when I heard these type of news from my friends and family, to the point that it became so painful that I had to totally overlook the feeling. These days, however, my reaction is different. I won't worry, because I feel it's the only way we have found to show we care about someone. I think there are other ways though.

    What I love about the whole situation is your attitude and how you're handling the case and I firmly believe that as long as you keep the same attitude, we're still going to be blessed to have our genius friend with us. Please keep us posted!

  6. Thanks for your kind comment ... the last line of the post (as of know) indicates that I did overreact :) as doctors did not find anything wrong with my heart. I was taking a medication for a while though, that can induce irregularity in heart ... and I decided to stop that medication for now, and I feel better

  7. Great!

    After I posted my comment, I thought if the incident might have anything to do with the news that you have some visitors during Thanksgiving break :)

  8. no that news has not completely sunk in :)

    we are preparing by changing the floors and some walls, and the whole activity has kept us quite busy :)


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