Friday, August 08, 2008

Interpreting a Dream

I woke up this morning with a clear memory of a dream, and surprisingly a clear interpretation of the dream!

DREAM: A standoff between government and some organizations (young people, universities?) in different locations. Government announced that it would crack down the resistance violently by the end of the day. I am leaving a building in the afternoon and soldiers line up in front of the building. I am not sure to stay or not, but finally decide to go home and avoid the hazard. But I notice that my car is parked in the lot in the back of the building. It is getting darker and I finally decide to sneak through soldiers line around the building and get my car. Once I am in the back lot, everything gets calmer and we go in the building, nobody's around, everyone is outside in front partying and the soldiers have left.

INTERPRETATION: Since a week ago, there has been tremendous work pressure that forced me to cancel some activities, and I decided to also stop Kyudo. The sensei, however, urged me to keep some continuity in my practice. I also missed some peacefulness aspects of the practice. So I went to practice last evening and was amazed by how natural it was.

Government ~ projects and work pressure
organization ~ Kyudo
Stand-off ~ Stopping Kyudo
Violence-soldiers ~ How I dramatized+complicated the decision
First decision ~ Work has priority
Car ~ Small but valuable aspects of the Kyudo practice
Cool down ~ Once I went back, the situation seemed calmer than I developed in my mind

I cannot describe how in many different levels this is interesting to me, partly because it is really personal and roots in my experiences ...


  1. WoW! Nice interpretation!

    Now, I know who to go to whenever I have a clear dream. In fact, I had a very strange, extremely vivid one last week that I desperately need interpretation for. I'm afraid, I can't talk about it here though :)

  2. you realize that my dream interpretation skills happen to work only a couple of times in very 38 years or so :)


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