Monday, August 04, 2008

Fun - How old is your brain?

Figure this out:

First day, figuring out the game: 39
Second day, getting some expertise: 28
Yesterday record: 25
Today [8/8/8] record - so far: 20

Up to six numbers is easy, after that I am at the mercy of my luck :)

I find it a good brain exercise in working with patterns, and not a logical linear thought process, and also helps me release some pressure!


  1. My scores has a downward trend, so my brain is getting younger by the day :)

  2. Fun! However, it let me down!

  3. Try a couple of times more, it has a learning curve :)
    To me it is a fun game to play when I am stressed out ...

  4. Well, wiser and more patient, i.e. slower :)


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