Tuesday, July 01, 2008

WALL-E etc

[WALL-E  ;  Kung Fu Panda] Two good animation. Panda was entertaining, but WALL-E was an excellent movie/animation, more so for adults than for children. Highly recommended, I am even thinking about buying it when it comes on DVD, which is a big deal to be shelfed along with "Seven Samurai", "Tokyo Drifter", and "Dead Man"!!!!

[28 weeks after ;  Eastern Promises] Both good, "28 weeks" a good horror movie (relative to others in the genre very good) but not memorable! "Eastern" was very bloody and hard to watch at some points, but very good, close to excellent.

[Sweet Land  ;  Somersault] Both relatively slow but ultimately engaging movie. "Sweet" was funny sometimes and a beautiful love story, very good. "Somersault" was darker but even more interesting, on the border of excellent.

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