Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some Photos

I am not a photographer, but I feel strong attachment to some pictures I take, like these :)


  1. i liked the one of the sleeping lady on the coach.

  2. Of course :)
    The funny thing is that I cannot stop watching them, for a while, I just go through them and it is like they have a life of their own !?
    Similarly for things that I write (poems?!?) I read them over and over for a while.
    I tend to thing that everyone is like this toward his/her own creation, but the main difference between a real artist and everyone else (like me) is that a lot of people can make the connection, whereas for my creations, for example, it is just me who feels connected to them

  3. Oh!
    They are BEAUTIFUL!
    It is apparent that a poet has taken them...:)
    Especially the three last ones are very poetic!
    Thanks for sharing...
    And be happy.

    P.S. I liked the one Jeerjeerak mentioned the most!

  4. Well, Jeer has a different reason to like that photo, I suspect, and that is because the lady is a good friend of hers :)

  5. :) well, i fell for the green feeling of that photo too.

    Another thing, it's interesting what you say about watching and reading your creative works over and over again, cause i sometimes have this too. Mine is more of a self-fascination i suspect...

  6. For me too :)
    I do not mean to downgrade those personal experiences in any way, everyone's creative work capture some feeling of him/her, and that is probably why s/he enjoys revisiting them.
    My simple observation is that for a creative work to become a piece of art, it needs to make that connection with many people, and capture part of their feelings, etc.


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