Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nabavi to Batebi - Some more thoughts

I like this piece a lot because it accords well with what I learned and tried to advocate after "AHMADINEJAD" election to presidency:

The first thing to do with life is to live it the best we can, and then, to benefit others whom we care about. As simple as this sounds, it had very wide implications. Finding the place that we can be "effective" in helping others is an "art". Defining such "small" goals in ordinary life is very difficult and needs re-evaluation of our priorities.

For me a good example is the "Afshin Jafari Prize". It is an area that lots of us can be very effective. We have a rare opportunity to develop an "institution" and have long-run goals. Yet, most if not all of us (including myself) prefer to spend time on useless political, sport, etc. news and arguments, but when it comes to contributing to the "prize" we feel short in resources.

To me (with a bit of exaggeration), this is a simple example of the sad story of our nation's choices and priorities! and its gradual death!!

PS. Any comments and thoughts on this subject are more than welcome!

Nabavi to Batebi Letter (Persian):

Afshin Jafari Prize:

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