Friday, June 13, 2008

sweet, bitter, funny, confusing ...

Informed me last night of her small achievement (even though she is typically very optimistic, but downplayed this) and I felt proud of her conquering the gate after a few months of Yoga (well, and a life behind it, but anyway) and I felt confused (and jealous) for not being able to do this after more than 20 years of ... (practice or just thinking?!!:) and I felt confused because she described it as a very insignificant thing without much consequence EXCEPT A HIGHER/DIFFERENT LEVEL OF AWARENESS!!!! kind of reminds me of the last dialogs between G. Heckman and C. Eastwood in Unforgiven, "deserve don't mean shit" (or, "it has nothing to do with deserve")

2013-01-03: I had to read this post very carefully to remember what I had in mind when I wrote it :) This post is about a conversation between Sima and me, in which, she told me that she can quiet her mind while doing yoga. For most of my life, the idea/notion if "quieting mind=stopping the endless conversation" was a very big deal, and I would think of it as a life-changing experience. Now, however, I look at it (the conversation) as something normal and do not see much value in quieting it, lol


  1. what does it mean "conquering the gate"?

  2. nothing important, i blew it out of proportion :)


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