Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sports, Dance, Religion? ... education

If I have a choice to teach a child something useful as a parent, I think I am going to choose sports or dance over religion.

My views on sport activities have changed dramatically in the past couple of years, but there is something very unique about learning a physical activity (of any kind, but typically sport/dance in our days) from "someone who is really good at it". I would prefer such an experience to a religious experience, at this moment, even though I am not sure what is going to be a child's perspective?!! :)


  1. My first impression was to tell you: "You should choose anything over religion", but then I though, teaching religion may not be so bad after all. As long as there is a chance that s/he realizes someday that religion is the collection of her/his insecurities and s/he can break free by overhauling those beliefs.

  2. I am not sure about discounting the religious beliefs to that extent, but I am thinking very practical, in terms of how useful certain habits are in life, and the practical ways of improving habits, etc

    Religious beliefs give some structure to life and they seem to be useful to some people ... what fascinates me about learning sports/dance from an "expert" is that it has very strange similarity to spiritual experiences without having to subscribe to the whole package ...

    Anyway, as usual I am too vague and it gets worse when I try to explain :)

  3. This way of looking at sports is totally new to me, and that's why I like it. Totally new perspectives makes my ponder, find something new and apply it. You gave me food for thoughts for a while. Maybe, we can share our views sometime.

    Well, I agree that religious beliefs give some structure to life. I'm not sure whether that structure is limiting or empowering though. My only positive perspective of religion is that it shows you believe there's something out there beyond this material world. That's it! It never gives a good answer to what it IS out there.

    Organized religions are based on separation. Separation between you and people with other religion, separation between you and creator, and separation between you and what you want to achieve. In addition, they all share this feature that they don't want you to think.
    This, to me is the key limiting point.

  4. Thanks for your comment. I suggest that you try it some time convenient (if you have not yet) and learn a physical activity like tennis, a martial art (Kyudo?), dance lessons, etc. from someone who is good and knows the stuff. It is more of an experience than intellect :)

    The practicality of religion, to me, is simply installing a set of habits that are typically aim at "improving" your self, by doing good and being a better person. It also gives some resilience in hard times and gives hope.

    Like "EVERYTHING" else in life the positives come with negatives, which as you rightly mentioned are rigidness and intolerance, etc.

  5. Perfect timing then. I was looking for a dance class :)


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