Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rap and Rattle

Listening to Iranian music brings back all sorts of memories and a deep sense of depression

The type of depressing thoughts are different when below thirties and when approaching forties: The former has a sense of looking forward, wondering what else life brings. The latter has a sense of looking backwards, and wondering what is life about

The dominance of melodies in Persian music makes it sentimental and romantic, sometimes too much so, and lessens the sense of reflection and universality that you may find in, for example, music of J S Bach

Listening to most BWV's above 1000, especially the four orchestral suites of J S Bach, brings up a sense of transcendence, closest thing to a "religious" feeling I have experienced

I am listening to Radio-Darvish [] today! I started the day quite depressed, to be honest, and listening to the music only feeds back into it, but it is amazing to me that each song literally tears me apart, it is as though each note is a sharp blade cutting through, I am amazed by how powerful is the feeling

The sadness in some DASTGAAH's, like NAVAA, is so deep that when are played by someone like EBADI they vibe very close to the universal feeling I just mentioned ...

Well, this last point (at least) is totally B.S. I do not have the intelligence to make such statements anyway ...

Read some (all!) of my 2005 posts again, boy, I love myself :)

I found out "opening up" is much much more difficult than I imagined: I cannot even open up to myself !!!!

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