Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Observations from Iran

  • This is a short piece, mainly observations from Tehran, nice read:


  • I am listening to this CD on "Naxos music library" (many north american libraries give online access to this free to their students/faculties). It is fun to listen at least once, especially if you have heard the originals many many times before :)

VIVALDI: Four Seasons: Gaohu Concerto (adaptation) / BACH: Violin Concerto : Erhu Concerto (adaptation)
Changfu Liu, gaohu
Feng Tang, erhu
Beijing Central Philharmonic Orchestra
Huichang Yan, Conductor

[From CD's information]
While the violin may have been used in Chinese music to imitate the techniques of the er-hu, the Chinese two-string fiddle, the latter has rarely been used in classical western violin repertoire. The er-hu has a small hexagonal body of wood, the belly covered with snakeskin. There is a tubular neck and two strings are looped to the two large pegs at the top of the neck. The instrument has no finger board and the bow passes between the two strings. The player sits and holds the instrument on the knee, holding the bow under hand, as with the Western viola da gamba."

  • Have you every felt you are decomposing? Strange, but sometimes (when I am enough depressed!) I feel as if my muscles are all falling off my body ... I guess most people call this "DARD'E BI DARDI" as my mom used to say ...
  • Have not seen any hawks around my office or around house for a while, maybe 2-3 months, I wonder where they are ...

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