Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Children

Watched it a couple of nights ago, and liked it much. Deals with relationships and marriage, which are quite ordinary subjects, but has an interesting angle or something :)

On a completely irrelevant note, found the following clip ... I am still evaluating it to decide whether it is good or ordinary ??!!! :)

2013-2-23: (1) Here is the movie link from "metacritics":
(2) I watched the clip again, after several years, and I still like it. They are harmonious :)
(3) My last night dream was about "infidelity in marriage". Today when I looked at the "stats" for my blogs, my way of randomly choosing some old posts on the blog to look at and remember old days, two posts came up, both titles of movies about "infidelity in marriage": Little children (this post) and We don't live here anymore [link]. Strange :)

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