Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sports, Dance, Religion? ... education

If I have a choice to teach a child something useful as a parent, I think I am going to choose sports or dance over religion.

My views on sport activities have changed dramatically in the past couple of years, but there is something very unique about learning a physical activity (of any kind, but typically sport/dance in our days) from "someone who is really good at it". I would prefer such an experience to a religious experience, at this moment, even though I am not sure what is going to be a child's perspective?!! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Children

Watched it a couple of nights ago, and liked it much. Deals with relationships and marriage, which are quite ordinary subjects, but has an interesting angle or something :)

On a completely irrelevant note, found the following clip ... I am still evaluating it to decide whether it is good or ordinary ??!!! :)

2013-2-23: (1) Here is the movie link from "metacritics":
(2) I watched the clip again, after several years, and I still like it. They are harmonious :)
(3) My last night dream was about "infidelity in marriage". Today when I looked at the "stats" for my blogs, my way of randomly choosing some old posts on the blog to look at and remember old days, two posts came up, both titles of movies about "infidelity in marriage": Little children (this post) and We don't live here anymore [link]. Strange :)

Friday, June 13, 2008


Dig our selves for something humane
burn them in middle
dance around ashes
to the cracking sound of a dying fire
dancing like crazies
like those in love

Shadows getting longer
a big one hanging over 
waiting for the right moment
we dance like crazies
like those in love

Sky turning dark blue
add old memories to the fire
in new flames I see my mother
telling me to pull it together
we dance like crazies
like those in love

Our bodies feel hotter
as we close our circle
the pain of burning flesh
the dark pleasure of termination
we dance in fire like crazies
like those in love

A breeze drifts our ashes
we swirl, up and down
dancing in the air like crazies
like those had been in love

sweet, bitter, funny, confusing ...

Informed me last night of her small achievement (even though she is typically very optimistic, but downplayed this) and I felt proud of her conquering the gate after a few months of Yoga (well, and a life behind it, but anyway) and I felt confused (and jealous) for not being able to do this after more than 20 years of ... (practice or just thinking?!!:) and I felt confused because she described it as a very insignificant thing without much consequence EXCEPT A HIGHER/DIFFERENT LEVEL OF AWARENESS!!!! kind of reminds me of the last dialogs between G. Heckman and C. Eastwood in Unforgiven, "deserve don't mean shit" (or, "it has nothing to do with deserve")

2013-01-03: I had to read this post very carefully to remember what I had in mind when I wrote it :) This post is about a conversation between Sima and me, in which, she told me that she can quiet her mind while doing yoga. For most of my life, the idea/notion if "quieting mind=stopping the endless conversation" was a very big deal, and I would think of it as a life-changing experience. Now, however, I look at it (the conversation) as something normal and do not see much value in quieting it, lol

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Observations from Iran

  • This is a short piece, mainly observations from Tehran, nice read:

  • I am listening to this CD on "Naxos music library" (many north american libraries give online access to this free to their students/faculties). It is fun to listen at least once, especially if you have heard the originals many many times before :)

VIVALDI: Four Seasons: Gaohu Concerto (adaptation) / BACH: Violin Concerto : Erhu Concerto (adaptation)
Changfu Liu, gaohu
Feng Tang, erhu
Beijing Central Philharmonic Orchestra
Huichang Yan, Conductor

[From CD's information]
While the violin may have been used in Chinese music to imitate the techniques of the er-hu, the Chinese two-string fiddle, the latter has rarely been used in classical western violin repertoire. The er-hu has a small hexagonal body of wood, the belly covered with snakeskin. There is a tubular neck and two strings are looped to the two large pegs at the top of the neck. The instrument has no finger board and the bow passes between the two strings. The player sits and holds the instrument on the knee, holding the bow under hand, as with the Western viola da gamba."

  • Have you every felt you are decomposing? Strange, but sometimes (when I am enough depressed!) I feel as if my muscles are all falling off my body ... I guess most people call this "DARD'E BI DARDI" as my mom used to say ...
  • Have not seen any hawks around my office or around house for a while, maybe 2-3 months, I wonder where they are ...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rap and Rattle

Listening to Iranian music brings back all sorts of memories and a deep sense of depression

The type of depressing thoughts are different when below thirties and when approaching forties: The former has a sense of looking forward, wondering what else life brings. The latter has a sense of looking backwards, and wondering what is life about

The dominance of melodies in Persian music makes it sentimental and romantic, sometimes too much so, and lessens the sense of reflection and universality that you may find in, for example, music of J S Bach

Listening to most BWV's above 1000, especially the four orchestral suites of J S Bach, brings up a sense of transcendence, closest thing to a "religious" feeling I have experienced

I am listening to Radio-Darvish [] today! I started the day quite depressed, to be honest, and listening to the music only feeds back into it, but it is amazing to me that each song literally tears me apart, it is as though each note is a sharp blade cutting through, I am amazed by how powerful is the feeling

The sadness in some DASTGAAH's, like NAVAA, is so deep that when are played by someone like EBADI they vibe very close to the universal feeling I just mentioned ...

Well, this last point (at least) is totally B.S. I do not have the intelligence to make such statements anyway ...

Read some (all!) of my 2005 posts again, boy, I love myself :)

I found out "opening up" is much much more difficult than I imagined: I cannot even open up to myself !!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008



Principles of Shooting by Master Junsei Yoshimi

The way is not with the bow, but with the bone, which is of the greatest importance in shooting.

Placing Spirit (Kokoro) in the center of the whole body, with two-thirds of the Yunde (left arm) push the string, and with one-third of the Mete (right arm) pull the bow. Spirit settled, this becomes harmonious unity.

From the center line of the chest, divide the left and right equally into release.

It is written, that the collision of iron and stone will release sudden sparks; and thus there is the golden body, shining white, and the half moon positioned in the west.

Sha Soku Seikatsu ... Kyudo is Living



Record of Etiquette - Truth of Shooting

The shooting, with the round of moving forward or backward can never be without courtesy and propriety (Rei).

After having acquired the right inner intention and correctness in the outward appearance, the bow and arrow can be handled resolutely.

To shoot in this way is to perform the shooting with success, and through this shooting, virtue will be evident.

Kyudo is the way of perfect virtue. In the shooting, one must search for rightness in oneself. With the rightness of self, shooting can be realized.

At the time when shooting fails, there should be no resentment towards those who win. On the contrary, this is an occasion to search for oneself.

Sha Soku Jinsei ... Kyudo is Life

IT'S NOT ...

.. ``It's not your spread, and it's not how strong you are, and it's not how fast you are, because you have all those thing...