Saturday, April 05, 2008


Although I cannot define/describe this properly but there is great dangers in romantic approach to life ... the sense that life has something to offer, that there are some ways to go beyond the day-to-day occurrences of life ... life is the day-to-day events nothing more or less ... there is nothing beautiful or ugly or ... about life no matter how unfair and unjustifiable some event appears to us, there is no way to change the inherent unrationalizability(!!!???) of life, simply because all "romantic" ideas are created by human mind and do NOT necessarily apply to ... anything!

I got this intuition from reading this article:
"Zen in the Art of Archery - A practitioner's View", Liam O'Brien, Kyoshi 7 dan"
where it refers to the romantic approach of a westerner to Kyudo (Japanese Archery) and to some extent its absurdness

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