Sunday, April 06, 2008

Practicality ... [An On-Going Project]

Ask people, how can I improve my life, and they look at you as if you are nuts?!

Let's start from the end, improving life is improving habits, therefore assuming you know what new habit to acquire (or old habit to change) you need a long-term plan to do it little-by-little,
you have to observe the habit like a predator following its prey
you must expect defeat, and learn from each attempt, adjust your move, be creative, and patient
then, after a few years, you can see the outcome

what I do not have answer for, is how do you decide what to change ???!!!

One option that attracts me is learning new physical skills, because we are already using our brains a lot ... This seems to be the approach some people adopt when they start new hobbies ... there is an intuition of not focusing on behaviors in the social context and instead polishing skills at something irrelevant to the core of life ... I am not sure why?!

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