Monday, March 03, 2008

No Country for no one

After a year or so, we finally made it to the movie theater, to watch what? yes, no country ... a perfect film for eS30eH ... she hated it totally ... I found it disturbing at first, then I realized that it is somehow "Lynch" (blue velvet, lost highway) meets "Jarmush" (ghost dog, dead man) ... finally, I realized that the film is not really that dark, it seemed like zen of killing and the brothers' art was in making the zen really unlikeable, which is true, because zen is not nice or beautiful, it is perfect and ruthless


  1. Now you need to take her to "La vie en rose" to compensate for your choice of movie:))))

  2. you are right except for the fact that it was her choice ... she saw oscars and decided that we should see the film that got so many of them!


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