Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Basic Impossibility

After a few days of difficult situation, today on my way to work, I suddenly realized that there is no way that something that can be put into a sentence, i.e. wise words and so on, can be important and helpful in life ... life seems to me a collection of our habits of dealing with different things, and habits are extremely hard to change, impossible to change with a sentence for sure ... changing things in life is so costly that in many cases the cost make the benefits irrelevant ... the only habit I found worth improving is "physical activity" especially in times of stress ... if I have a child this the only thing I force ... well, I made it into a few sentences to escape my own impossibility theorem :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008


There is, of course, no way to eliminate life's randomness, we can try to manage it, reduce it, or take advantage of it ... to me, most spiritual exercises (like religions, but not all) aim at reducing this uncertainty element, unsuccessfully, but this lack of success in achieving their objective does not mean they are useless ... because of the complex feedback structure in human, the calmness that comes about from the spiritual practice improves well-being ... at the same time, there is a deep appeal in living, and dying, with randomness, like animals based on instincts, that attracts me

Sunday, February 03, 2008


less, sometimes all i feel, but then it gets slightly better ... life is not worth thinking, i guess, you either live it, or should die .. in between, that BARZAKH, is worse than death, damn worse than hell ... BTW, finally replaced the old sony (with the dead hard drive) with a mac, hoorahhhh :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Terrifying, or better, disturbing, with no sense of satisfaction or closure, deep ...
Because based on true events, at some points the underlying drama, randomness, helplessness, and desparation goes beyond director/writer intention ...
Strong reference to "The most dangerous game" ...

Clear Shallow Water

I started reading this novel, `` The Driver ,'' by Hart Hanson , and I did not like it much and decided to stop. But then I came ba...