Wednesday, January 30, 2008

number 3

Discovered Brandenbug Concerto No. 3, especially the last movement ... if/when feel really depressed try listening to it with extremely high volume, if your mood does not get better, at least you have managed to damage your ears ...

I almost broke to tears a couple of times while watching the first movement. Here is the third:

By the way, everything in this concerto is built around the number "3"!

Having the choice to damage my ear with Classical versus Rock music, I definitely choose the former, even though I like both, I totally hate live Rock concerts, they are ultimate peaks of human stupidity along with watching sports ...

Extreme opinions are negatively correlated with mental health ... must be !? :)


  1. The live rock concert may suck if you don't choose your seat row right :)

  2. that could be true, but I think the concept behind most rock concerts sucks, a chaotic loudness :)


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