Wednesday, January 30, 2008

fun for four with four

season of vivaldi (Autumn - mvt 1):

There are a couple of more from this group, but they are boring, overall :( espeically compared to this:

winter is the God, or the Satan your pick, ... don't believe me? see:

Actually, winter sucks ...

number 3

Discovered Brandenbug Concerto No. 3, especially the last movement ... if/when feel really depressed try listening to it with extremely high volume, if your mood does not get better, at least you have managed to damage your ears ...

I almost broke to tears a couple of times while watching the first movement. Here is the third:

By the way, everything in this concerto is built around the number "3"!

Having the choice to damage my ear with Classical versus Rock music, I definitely choose the former, even though I like both, I totally hate live Rock concerts, they are ultimate peaks of human stupidity along with watching sports ...

Extreme opinions are negatively correlated with mental health ... must be !? :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chemicals or Beliefs?

Chemicals or Beliefs? Anyone who has some experience with psychiatric (or psychoactive!?) drugs, knows which one is real ... Once you can compare the two, you become amazed by the ultimate stupidity behind our constructions of systems of beliefs of any kind ... we are barely any different from other creatures on earth, as insignificant, and to the extent that goals, ideals and believes are "real" in other creatures life, so are they in our lives ....

Most real scene of life ... an animal trapped in a corner and about to be killed ... what goes into its mind then? I am sure nothing permanent ... I have seen pigeons mating a few minutes after a hawk attacked them, once a few feet away from carcases of another pigeon being eaten by the hawk ... life is not beautiful, neither is it ugly, it is insignificant!

Time will show ...

Whether this is ingenuity or stupidity ... i like it , for now!?!

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