Monday, November 12, 2007

Compassion & Sympathy?

When a hawk attacks a bunch of pigeons, it chooses the weakest, which is quite logical/efficient. Where is the source of compassion and sympathy?


  1. Source of compassion and sympathy in human beings you mean? Well, we don't show compassion or sympathy to the animals we eat either;)

  2. Exactly. This is exactly I've been thinking about lately... and a while ago heard a program on NPR which I lost the track unfortunately. He was on Terry Gross, I think, and some kind of Neuroscientist or like.

    Basically what he was saying was that this is human mind's defect: empathy, is an illusion and we've developed it through time and it's been a process started since we even had less complex minds. It started from seeing people of my "clan" as "equal to me" and therefore empathizing with them. Then generalizing made its way with us and now you see that we have sympathy and compassion with even so remote stuff to our being as rocks and vegetation.

    I wish I'd not lost the link to the program. I've quoted the guy so many times lately.

  3. I remember some discussions similar to what you describe on NPR, but unfortunately I cannot remember where/when exactly.

    Please let me know if you recover the link!


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