Friday, September 28, 2007

William Blake

Watched "Dead Man" tonight, directed by "Jim Jarmush", with Johnny Depp playing the role of "William Blake", and music by "Neil Young". Film is a visual poetry ... that's all, a master-poetry-piece!

William Blake on Wikipideia

Dead Man on Metacritic

Neil Young on Allmusic --- His work on "Dead Man" reminded me of the music theme [by Ry Cooder] of Wim Wender's "Paris, Texas"

Learning and Roaches

This will be a long post ... that probably won't be ever written ... HAHAHAHAHA

2013-07-11: My roach phobia has declined. Incidentally, I was discussing it with my therapist yesterday, that I am afraid of roaches in my home but much less so in other people's homes and such, and I suggested that this is less of a phobia and more a sign of taking too much responsibility (over-protection, and over-control) for everything in the domain of my personal/private life.
We can learn a lot from our phobias and situations that makes us react with anger, desperation, depression and such.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hamed Nikpay:

He is a semi-traditional singer and instrument (Tar, Setar, ...) player. Here are a couple of his videos on Youtube. His voice seems deep and the music has very interesting Jazz treads ... His instrumental work is in this CD. (You can download a good sample of the CD!] I actually like the CD a lot, it is unexpected to see such a variety in traditional Persian music from such as a young player ...

******* First one:

******* Second one:

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Watched the "Bird", directed by "Clint Eastwood", with "Forest Whitaker" playing the role of Charlie 'bird' Parker. A good film, both Whitaker and "Diane Venora"performances are good, and directing is also superb. But certainly, it is a must-see for anyone interested in Jazz music, even remotely!

[Bird on Allmovie]

[Bird on Metacritic]

Friday, September 21, 2007

Prince of Denmark

One of the most famous trumpet tunes, and apparently a very popular piece for wedding music. I was looking for the identification of this tune, and finally I found it when it was being played on TV music channel. It is a work by Jeremiah Clarke, composed around 1699. [Here is a sample on Barnes&Noble]

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We watched the two-hours season premier of this show last night, what a guilty pleasure :)

Was a lot of fun, for a lot of different reasons!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Beethoven's "Razumovsky" string quartet, is a superb string quartet. The fourth movement is specially joyful and refreshing. I highly recommend giving it a try!

String Quartet in C Op. 59 No. 3 'Razumovsky', Movement:4, Allegro molto.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Played tennis for a couple of hours this evening, life looks just a bit brighter now, this week should kill myself with sports and activities to survive this new wave of depression ...
The previous post ... should have written it in the middle of sleep ... cannot remember anything :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

acting and redemption

i had been thinking some deep thoughts on the two topics, but before i could turn on the computer and right them down, poof, they are all gone ... sorry


Why have we become so different from animals?
- no animal thinks about "right occupation" or "right education",
- no animal look for the best way to spend the leisure time!
- no animal seems to bother about how to enjoy life,

Of course, animals have much lower standard of living,
most of their time is spent looking for food, and then mating,
once an animal gets sick, its either fast recovery or getting killed
by competitors,

there is no concept of fairness, and kindness, in animal life.
there are no expectations,
It is exactly this expectation that is killing me

Are you ready?

I am ready. I have recovered (almost) from a two-weeks flu, totally sucked, and after a long hot summer the weather has turned fantastic since Friday. Therefore, since Friday evening, I am experiencing one of the worst phases of depression for about two days now.
I feel all doors close on my face, I hate myslef and everything around me. I have a deep feeling that I am wasting valuable moments without even slightly enjoying them.
Sometimes, I am lying on my bed for a while and all the time thoughts, chains of thoughts, pass my mind at unbelievable speed, to the extent that I almost feel the nausea from a fast bumpy ride.
I do not smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs; I hate myself and everyone and everything around me; I wish I could start over everything anew from somewhere and sometime else. But of course, I have so much experience with my depression to know these thoughts are less genuine than dreams of a junkie to get clean.
Nevertheless, I feel I am ready.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Death and the Maiden

I like Franz Schubert, really, it's just that his works sound very beautiful initially but lose their strength after a few times! Here are my two favorites (I do not listen to big orchestra pieces often, so I have no idea about his symphonies,...)

1- Sonata for Cello and Piano, D. 821, "Arpeggione"
I have listened to the Cello-Piano version, but the guitar-violin version is even better, or more romantic? :)

2- Death and the Maiden (German: Der Tod und das M├Ądchen)
This is a very strong string quartet. "Roman Polanski" has made a film with the same title, "death and the maiden", which is based on Ariel Dorfman's acclaimed play of the same name. I liked it a lot, when I saw it a few years ago! I think this is among very good performances of "Sigourney Weaver" (after "Aliens" of course!!:) By the way, she attended "Stanford" and got her masters from Yale?!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Where War Lives

NPR's "Fresh Air" featured an interview with the Canadian journalist/photographer Paul Watson. The interview is labeled "captivating" by "Lens Culture" weblog.
He is famous for his photographs of body of a U.S. serviceman, dragged with ropes through the dusty streets of war-torn Mogadishu, Somalia, on Oct. 4, 1993. The dead soldier was one of five Americans killed during the first day of a major U.N. assault on warlord Mohamed Farah Aidid's military command.
link to one of those photos , Another photo from the same set

He has written a book, "Where war lives", published a couple of weeks ago. I found the interview and Watson's personality and career interesting. He does not have one arm from birth, and he is dealing with major depression. I guess his book should be a good one too.

IT'S NOT ...

.. ``It's not your spread, and it's not how strong you are, and it's not how fast you are, because you have all those thing...