Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hawk Update:

1) Today, for the fourth time overall and third time in the past month, I saw a hawk eating a pigeon (at the usual spot!) My interpretation is that the hawk(s) have grown-up and are much better hunters now ... unfortunately, the last 3 times I was not lucky enough to see the actual hunt!

2) I used to see mostly one and sometimes two hawks around ... but a couple of days ago I saw 3-4 of them, in fact during a mating process, I assume males were competing to get the female ... the flight patterns and what they did to grab attention was quite interesting


  1. Vow, yes, sure ... it's just that they are at least a mile away from my office window, the camera that can actually take "good" pictures from that distance is an expensive professional one !?

  2. and you can see them from that distance! WOW :)

  3. human senses+brain are strange combination ... once you study something for a while, you get to notice small differences, etc.

    from a mile distance, the overall shape of a pigeon and a hawk are similar, but their behavior patterns are different. for example the way a hawk "look down" from the top of a building at pigeons and then get ready to dive is characteristic of hawk (actually, it is an "ugly" move, for some reason seeing that posture disgust me!!:)


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