Monday, July 02, 2007

Strange Music

Clip name: Diazpam-10

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I am not sure about the quality of the music, but it is certainly innovative!!!!
Well, to be honest he sounds a little bit "K-Khol" but anyway ....


  1. Do you know who is the composer/singer?

  2. I have no idea! Ask the group (irpd) maybe someone knows ...

  3. "k-khol" is best descriptive of the piece. I can't believe the "Persian Intellectuals in Diaspora" who've made all this hype about him lately...

    PS "Persian" was intentionally used instead of "Iranian" ;-)

  4. I came to know him (Namjoo) after I wrote this post, I think what he does to "traditional" Iranian music is innovative at some level, but I am not sure about the quality.
    In fact I believe that the best measure for quality of art is test of time ...

    Persian, Iranian, what difference does it make? :)

  5. Cause the people I mentioned insist on being identified as "Persians", usually too ;-)

    Actually I thing there's a big difference: Persian, since the name "Persia" is not the name of the country, refers to the people who are from the Fars province geographically. On the other hand, cause that country is called "Iran", anybody carrying the passport is gonna be identified as "Iranian". So technically I am an Iranian, not Persian, since I am not from that region in Iran.

    It is as ridiculous as if I'd identified myself as Californian, as my nationality, when I meet a non-American.

  6. Got it, right ... to be honest, sometimes when I introduce myself, I feel it is easier to say I am "Persian", but so far I have continued with Iranian :)

    Can we think of Persian as people who speak "Farsi"? Then it would be a larger entity than the country Iran ;)


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