Sunday, July 01, 2007

Light Sleeper

Accidentally, this post is also related to sleep, well, marginally! Paul Schrader's "Light Sleeper" is a story being told by a small-time, formerly addict, drug-dealer. A "good" movie, for general audience, but if you can relate to its characters and its music, then it becomes a "great" movie.

I was in Big-Sky, Montana, a couple of days. A great change: cool (high around 70) and dry. The drive from Bozeman airport (40 miles) reminded me of the opening scene in Stanley Kubrik's "The Shining". The conference was useful, some new ideas and some interesting presentations and discussions, but I could not help being overwhelmed by the "club" environment there and sense of being left-out. Anyway, I am not in a particularly great mood for quite a while, so I am probably biased here.

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