Wednesday, July 11, 2007

History: Credibility and Expertise ... [Iran]

Here are my thoughts after reading this:

History, the last time I heard, is a field of study, and I assume doing historical research, regarding recent or ancient events, needs expertise. I am sure nobody in Iran takes "historians" seriously, as professionals, but this ever-growing confusion about historical aspects of our recent
past, could be the result.

Almost everyone I know, especially among Iranians (my sample is biased toward Iranians obviously) finds him- or herself eligible, or indeed obliged!, to dispute and analyze historical events, usually based on a very small sample of observations.

Anyway, that is why I am becoming sick of all these disputes and individual's reading of history ... there is no way to check the credibility (according to "SOROUSH", "ZIBAKALAM" is a charlatan! ) ... no credibility, no expertise, ... what is going to be the outcome?


  1. Unrelated, We noticed you modified the tagline of your blog and the revised version doesn't make that much sense!:)))

  2. What is "tagline"? ... [after a night!] OHHHH, you mean the name/title, "Nested Cuckoo ... "?
    It is a cute, silly, little play with words, that I hate to give away!! and much less pretentious/serious than "my impossibility ...." :)

  3. I meant the "web-loging resembles ...":) Singing didn't make much sense but in case of a cuckoo, it might have anyway!


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