Sunday, July 01, 2007

East Asian (Japanese) Gore/Horror Movies

I find the details in this discussion amazing, all about "Gore" movies (featuring extremely disturbing killing, ... scenes):
Link to the discussion
I do not have the stomach for such movies, but the discussion is quite seducing:) !!!

PS.1 In fact, Porn+Gore Cartoons are amongst the most famous cultural exports of Japan! To get some idea read this book:
Snakes and Earrings, also on amazon
It has won many prizes, so it is worth reading, and it is not really extreme, after all, it is only a novel!

PS.2 "Allmovie" description of the"Slasher"sub-genre of "Horror" movies:
Link to Slasher on Allmovie


  1. Did you ever watch any of these? From the descriptions it looks that they are pretty hard to watch, for typical westerner, I mean...

  2. I said I don't have the stomach! :)

    I get excited too easily with words, but in reality, Sima does not like such movies at all and it is quite hard to make time to see them ...

    I have read the book though, it is very good!


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