Monday, July 09, 2007

Abstraction ... Revelation ... Addiction

A great place for revelations is under shower ... today, while taking a shower, it revealed to me that the most "real" abstraction in life is "addiction" ... of course, I do not know what "real" means here, and furthermore, why "addiction" has such an honorable place in life, but here we go, you cannot argue with revelations, you can deny them or accept them, but nothing comes out of questioning them ...

Real Abstraction: Being dissociated from necessities of life, but not through conceptualization, but in reality! [I guess I am making this up!]
In other words, "real abstraction" is not limited to human-kind with the power of mental abstraction!!!

There are experiments that animals are "addicted" to a source of pleasure, and it is documented that in some cases object would die from self-pleasuring and not eating !!! [See here]
Well, I should be more careful in weaving K-Sher, here is a very interesting, Rat-Park, experiment:
Although it seems that the first view has much more support among academics.

Note to myself: Seems interesting book/website:

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