Friday, June 08, 2007

Israel --- and Iraq?

"NPR" had a short radio-series on "six day war":

It seemed interesting and relatively balanced.

In this part:

one Israeli mentioned that after the six day was there was huge optimism that Israel can bring advancement and prosperity, and modernity to the occupied territory ... but things did not go the way expected:

"You know I remember the euphoria that I, as a solider, had after the '67 War," Livni said. "I thought — here we are coming with a modern state into a very backward area. And we would teach them new methods of agriculture, new ways of dealing with industry. At that time, I was euphoric about the chances that we had now to work an agreement between the two nations that were at war."
Little by little, that idealism slipped and hardened into realism, Livni said. Jerusalem, a city he had hoped would become a model of coexistence, became more and more divided.
Jewish settlements expanded in the occupied West Bank. Palestinian violence grew. In Jerusalem, each side withdrew into its own neighborhoods.

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