Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Convoluted Nightmare

I was napping this afternoon when I started to see a bad dream and woke up for a few seconds, and went back to sleep. Expectedly, I went back to continue the same bad dream, so after a few minutes I started again to wake-up .... and I opened my eye in exactly the same place that ES30EH and I were napping, and I decided to get up. For some reason my eye closed as I stood up and when I opened my eye, I was on my back---exactly the same position that I opened my eye into when I woke up ... This happened a couple of times before I realize that I have waken up in another dream, and then I started to panic ... I tried hitting ES30EH to wake ES30EH up and get help, but of course it did not succeed, and then I tried talking to ES30EH in a gibberish language :) and surprisingly I could hear ES30EH voice telling me not to bother (this really happened, as I learned later).

Here is also a mini poem to celebrate this occasion:

My layered nightmares
avoiding dreadfulness of real life

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  1. Quite interestingly i had kinda simillar experience last night. Read my post.


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