Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Observations from Iraq:

This is an excerpt from "morning edition --- Tuesday 3-27-07". I was impressed by the story:

An instructor here says U.S. soldiers can face even tougher choices.
Lt. Col. John Nagl wrote a book about fighting insurgents called Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife.
He remembers working closely with an Iraqi police chief who provided valuable intelligence. Then, he learned that the man he had trusted was supporting the enemy — "providing weapons, ammunition, body armor to the insurgents in Fallujah who were then fighting the Marines. And against some of my soldiers."
Nagl said he found himself "faced with a horrible dilemma."
"What do I do to this police chief who has clearly risked his life to help us? Every time I think about it, I wonder if I did the right thing. But ultimately what I decided to do was — nothing. My assessment was that for Ishmael to stay alive this is the minimum he had to do — this is the minimum tax he had to pay to the insurgents."
Americans who once had a mission to completely transform Iraq now pursue the more modest goal of taking any support they can get.

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