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Photos from first half of 2007

Compassion & Sympathy?

Four Harpsichords!


Auto Video Biography

Twilight Love

Terror Presidency

William Blake

Learning and Roaches

Hamed Nikpay:


Prince of Denmark




acting and redemption


Are you ready?

Death and the Maiden

Where War Lives

Alexander Street

Trio Sonatas

Hawk Update:

Artist, a Reserved Artist ...

And is found at last ....

For the Love of Ballet

Michael Connelly


So Fragile Called Reality

Modesty and Humility

Good, but Shallow, Musician :)

Deja Vu

The Old Man and the Sea

Journey - Revisited (Polished?)

Ubbelievable .. ??!! Mystery - the pickup artist

hawk news:

Old Story, over and over

New Perspective

Burn Notice, Damages, and Blow-up!!!

Blogging and TV

Speaking of Faith & more ...

The Devil's Backbone


Dead Poet Society

History: Credibility and Expertise ... [Iran]

Abstraction ... Revelation ... Addiction

Notes on a Scandal

Sufjan Stevens

Strange Music

East Asian (Japanese) Gore/Horror Movies

Sunday Afternoon

Light Sleeper

Convoluted Nightmare

Out of context?!

Drawing a woman from the inside out.

afterthoughts -- private vs. public art

deformation --- anti-art!!!



An "Impossibility" theorem --- after all!

Dreamland ...

Beet - Metal - 2

Israel --- and Iraq?

Self Explanation?

Professional (Nude) Posters

Nudity - 3

Nudity - 2

Nudity - 1

Park in Korea

Judgement at Nuremberg


Iranian art and culure:

EAR FARM -- 2006 top 15 albums

Observations from Iraq:

Charlie Rose and Henry Kissinger

Hosein Alizadeh and Hamavayan

Natsuo Kirino: Grotesque

Good listens (from EARFARM)

Smart Bird?

Kings and Queen

South by Southwest

Nice Clip: The Muggabears - "Dead Kid Kicks"

A couple of good movies

binocular, bird-watching, and taking pictures:

On Falcons, Hawks, and Pigeons

Russian Romanticism:

Clap your hands ... Say yeah!!!

NPR on heavy metal

Rachmaninoff: 2nd Piano Concerto


Beet - Metal


From Inside ...

Random thoughts

Short Animations:

Question + Prediction

Evolution - Why sex?

most important 6-sec drum loop

Would you go to bed with me ?!?

Fandango (duet)- Boccherini

Watching Falcons: