Thursday, November 16, 2006


I have had the problem of "getting into" operatic music for a while. In very few occasions, like in Philadelphia, I would hear a piece of an opera that would grab my attention.

This CD has been my entrance to this new world, although I have only half of one foot in!!!???

Maria Callas: The Legend

This is a fantastic piece, and she is an incredible singer, unbelievable. I found the CD when I was searching for the following piece from Carmen opera by Bizet. This is a truly magnificant short piece that I first heard on public radio:

Carmen: Act I: L'amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle (Sample: Listen -- from amazon)

Also, related, watch this video related to the Bizet's Carmen.

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  1. man, i love you! the video is great and of course, carmen is a masterpiece


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