Friday, November 03, 2006

NPR on Iraq:

I listened to this program today on my way to work:

At some point, there is a very interesting comment .
Answering the question "what Iraqis think about the
current situation?" one reporter says:

Nobody in Iraq takes blame,
everone (including ordinary
people) thinks that
Iraq's problem are rooted in
"foreign interventions":
neighbors (Iran, Jordan, Syria)
and US are to blame.
But no Iraqi thinks that they are themselves responsible!

Do you find this familiar? How many Iranians you know who find
respnsible (to some extent) for what is/has been happening in Iran?


  1. That is a shame, but true!
    We hardly even blame ourselves for what is happenning in our daily personal lives!

  2. what confuses me is the high rate of depression in Iran: a main source for depression is self-blame?!
    So, it seems that more than "blaming" , "taking responsibility" matters


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