Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nice??!! poem (Farsi - 18+)

please be advised about the language ...
I laughed a lot when i got to the end.

2013-4-30: I put the poem here:

قسم به شن های ساحل
آفتاب داغ
و دریای آبی
قسم به اتوبوس های وصله پينه شده
دندان های پوسيده
و لبان پر خنده
قسم به ساقه نی شکر
آن رام که نمی نوشی
و آن سيگار که نمی کشی
تنها در سرزمين مردی جريان دارد
که انگشتش را هوا کرد
و با لبخندی به جهانيان گفت
بياييد کيرم را بخوريد


  1. Hah! I found you...

    What's zart and fen supposed to mean?

  2. good job, and how long are you searching, if i may ask?

    you came a little late, the weblog is deserted since i discovered that i have more talnt in writing comments on other weblogs than writing my own :)

    the first requirement for this weblog is a sense of humor (which i don't have but i am working on it!)
    if you apply your sense of humor, you will find the answer soon ;)

    enjoy ...

  3. Well, apparently my sense of humer is not mature enough to get it...

    "Let no one enter who doesn't know geometry", seconding the Ploto here?


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