Thursday, July 13, 2006

these videos

the friends in ... group break series of my fantastic, thought-provoking, video clips by their own noises, they don't try hard enough to understand me ... I don't know what to do????


  1. hang yourself from your ... (choose whatever organ you like best)

  2. Excellent, I liked your courage. I wish I was in that position. revently I had few experiences of going against the cetimentalism of people around me and say what I think and like. Oh boy, that was fantastic.

    This reza, the comment guy, is really funny. hire him for commenting your weblog. he may not stay for a long time just for free.

  3. giving comment is much easier than writing weblog ... as constructing is much harder than criticizing ... (the second is what we iranians do best, but the first ... hmmm )

    and thanks for the encouragement, i meant the original post to be a funny, and not serious, view of exchanges in the group, but you are right, the commenting reza seems funnier than me?!

  4. maz, it is apparantely just you and me and the big asshole here, and i will leave coments not for money and even for friendship, but because i enjoy it

    "reza", thanks for admitting that you are a boring dumb-ass :)


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