Monday, July 03, 2006

Nice email:

Hello S...!

How are you? I am doing fine. I have hard weeks now in university and working hard but soon it is over and I have vacation. You probably heard already that I am flying to Chicago at the 27th of July and staying until the 20th of August. I wanted to come to visit you guys and explore a new city A..... I talked with Sh.... and A.... about it and they told me that you moved to a new house. So congratulations!

I don`t know if it is ok for you that I am willing to come? I actually wanted to come with a girlfriend of mine M.... (the daughter of A...`s friend). She is doing the aupair program in Chicago right now. She just told me that she could get off work from the 28th of July until the 3rd of August and I thought I `ll ask you if we can come at this time!? Let me know if it is comfortable for you or not.

I am sure that you have to work at that time but I don`t need guidance the whole time. I`ll explore the city by myself or with you guys if you have the time for it!
I am already excited. I also heard that your parents want to come from Iran. That´s cool. Hope it will work with the visa!

Hope to hear from you soon, kisses G...


  1. what an asshole! aren't you ashamed to put people private emails on your weblogs? you are worse than i could every think!

  2. i meant to ignore you but i changed my mind:
    1) watch your language, or i have to delete your comments
    2) i liked the email and i deleted names to keep the identities private, although i am sure nobody who reads my weblog would know those poeple
    3) i am not anti-social as you assume, but even if i am, it is better than staying at highschool level, like you, with your colorful language!


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