Friday, June 30, 2006

world cup and other thoughts

i feel obliged to write some thing about world cup, well, i went to see argentina-germany match with a couple of students. i had only watched two games previously and i thought quarter-finals should be a logical place to start following the games ...

did NOT work out for me. to be fair, i felt a little bit of excitement, from the old days, but not much.

i find the whole "watching sport" thing more like a social convention, food for chatting in social occasions, something that strengthen your boubds with certain groups in society, something to be identified with ... but at the same time, a very stupid concept!

why don't people actually engage in activities instead of watching others? i find this question VERY IMPORTANT!


  1. you are not an expert in anything related to the question, so how can you say it's important?

    moreover, why do you like understanding people's behavior? as far as watching sports, DON't WATCH IF YOU DON't FEEL LIKE, why do you need to make it so complicated?

  2. It reminds me of a friend who plays several musical instruments and once told me that as you know more about music, and especially if you play yourself, you're going to enjoy it more. Probably you need to join a club or something and play something that you wanna enjoy watching.


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