Monday, June 12, 2006

valuable experience

in case you are interested, my experience so far on webloging:

you get the main kick from reading comments, some strange pleasure, maybe like a person who gets naked in front of others and gets (sexual) pleasure out of it? [exhibitionism] but the point is that "what you do" is less important than being observed .... (HEHEHEHE what i am implying is that most weblogs are bullshit=KOS-SHER. mine is clearly a good example, but this may be true for more serious weblogs????)


  1. this time you are less trivial but still boring? try to be innovative on all grounds ;)

  2. you better to get naked, hahaha. You try to be, but for some reason you still keep your short on! Cmon show your bare ass.


    once people see the ass they lose interest, i.e. gotto keep a small cloth on for the attraction purposes ;)

    but more seriously, once you think about it, getting completely naked is too much ... unsecurity, not easy to handle, although worth trying?


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