Thursday, June 22, 2006


i hate giving links because i find them like cheating, but here are some good(?!) stories

PS. don't be shy, leave your comments, whatever they are, i am not going to read them :)
of course this is a lie, i write to get comments :(


  1. i hate links too, unless i trust the person who leaves them, i.e. they turn out good most of the time

  2. so what's the point of posting a link twice? Is that part of a mystery of your blog too?

  3. nah .. it was supposed to be a third link to another story about ... hmmm
    ... (head-scratching) ... hmmm ... i cannot remember, well, that says something about its importance!


Body Intelligence

As Lucy reflected on her outrageous behavior of the night before, the memory only served to draw her upward, like a flower toward the sun...