Sunday, June 11, 2006

impossibility: change

significant changes in our lives are impossible, or have a very low probability. i.e. they can only be product of chance aligned with effort. otherwise, the needed energy for initiating and maintaining a change in life increases with the magnitude of the change and quickly becomes unafordable.


  1. you write deep shit man, the only problem is that they are "SHIT"!

  2. Hey, just a point from my religous part of mind. It came to my mind that may be prayer is meaningfull for the same reason: just to align chance with effort, or give the hope that your favorite number will show up on the dice and help surive.

  3. By the way I liked the commenting idea. I'm sorry if I sneak into it and broke your circle of thoughts and comments.

  4. what idea ?!?!?!
    See, "how do you know who this reza is?"
    well, and in this case you can not trace the location, and other tricks our friend did?

    god bless you for leaving comments
    with this MOFLESS & GHARIB every now and then, otherwise ....

    Finally, i have no clear idea about prayer, no way to find out i guess. so it depends on my (and actually your) mood: sometime we feel our prayers can move mountains, but other times we can hardly give them any credits ... for a while i have been in the second mood :)

    Finally-finally, be careful about revealing your religious side here,
    as i pointed out to our friend,
    nobody knows who read these weblogs ;)

  5. Prayers make perfect sense, because they are ways of suggesting/offering some solution without really forcing ourselves to think rationally about it ... kind of ... Again, after 9 years I have learned a thing or two!


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