Monday, June 05, 2006

five points

I have something special with five points and underground ... well, I have not seen underground yet, but most days I walk through five points and it is an amazing picture of human lives ... the most terrific element, to me, is the sick pigeons (KAFTARHAAYE GAR) walking around fearlessly.

I don't have much to add, it reminds me of my affection toward rough (KHALAF) neighborhoods in Tehran .... I am still the same morron as I was back then!


  1. I watched two movies yesterday, "Dead Peots society" and "12 angry men". Those were fantastic, even though I hate Robin Williams when he plays a cool know-everything teacher. I liked "Seize the moment" Idea.

  2. maziar is shy, so he asked me to add the following comment:

    I Just remembered the Kevin Kastner's movie "dancing with
    wolves". He was with dirty wagon driver, while he was writing
    his diary the driver asked him what you are doing, and he
    explained he is writing his diary, then the driver farted and
    asked him to write it down on his notes.

    The reason I remembered: Your weblog.



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