Sunday, June 11, 2006


every time i am depressed, (like now, of course!) i get the crazy idea that there should be some activities that i enjoy and would help me to get through depression. on the other hand, based on the experience (from when i am better) i have a feeling that this is BS: when your brain works fine, you enjoy every activity, more or less.

That being said there are activities to help you change your mood, like exercise of course, but then you have very little inspiration for such activities in the depressed mode.

Finally, there are things, like drugs, that instantly move you out of depression, but will throw you back in more violently afterwards.

Result: don't do drugs to escape depression, exercise!!!!

2012-10-08: There is a drug, ketamine, that apparently has very interesting effects on alleviating depression:


  1. you are such a boring/predictable writer, why don't you quit webloging
    and go back to what you did before?

  2. One possible reason behind "depression" (as a state of mind that we experience sometimes) is to slow us down and let us catch up with ourselves ... See, after nine years I understood something, lol


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