Thursday, June 22, 2006


This weblog is closed until further notice ... It has diverted my energy and focus and I don't have any readers! How do those people with regular readers keep up with this?


  1. you should "close" your reading of other weblogs, asshole!

  2. I thought you were rolling, who cares how many readers you have. You were finding your own rhythme.

    Yeah, you better stop reading other blogs, most of them are bull... but at least for me it was fun to see you were trying to find your own way of bloging.

  3. i did not mean it that way ... i realized the bad writing when i read the post this time. i meant:

    it is taking so much time witha few readers (actually only "1" or "2" counting my other self :), imagine what happens if i have more? it is going to take even more energy and focus, so better to stop it before it becomes a HEYSIATI issue!

    well, the fact that i am writing this shows how serious i were :)


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