Friday, June 30, 2006

world cup and other thoughts

i feel obliged to write some thing about world cup, well, i went to see argentina-germany match with a couple of students. i had only watched two games previously and i thought quarter-finals should be a logical place to start following the games ...

did NOT work out for me. to be fair, i felt a little bit of excitement, from the old days, but not much.

i find the whole "watching sport" thing more like a social convention, food for chatting in social occasions, something that strengthen your boubds with certain groups in society, something to be identified with ... but at the same time, a very stupid concept!

why don't people actually engage in activities instead of watching others? i find this question VERY IMPORTANT!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

BOY WITHOUT BODY or Re: [irpd-friends] Fwd: FW: Fwd: WARNING -

please read the following carefully and then if you like to help the little boy without body,
then forward it to all your friends in your email list, you boss (if you work) and so on.
but please first read it carefully so that you know what you are forwarding to other people:



I am a very sick boy little boy. My mother is typing this for me, because
I can't. She is crying. (Don't cry, Mommy!) Mommy is always sad, but
she says it's not my fault. I asked her if it was God's fault, but she
didn't answer, and only started crying harder, so I don't ask her that

The reason she is so sad is that I'm so sick. I was born without a body.
It doesn't hurt, except when I go to sleep. The doctors gave me an
artificial body. My body is a burlap bag filled with leaves. The doctors
said that was the best they could do on account of us havin' no money or
insurance. I would like to have a body transplant, but we need more

Mommy doesn't work because she said employers don't hire crying people. I
said, "Don't cry, Mommy," and she hugged my burlap body. Mommy always
gives me hugs, even though she's allergic to burlap, and it chafes her
real bad. I hope you will help me.

You can help me if you forward this e-mail. Dr. Van Nostrem from the
clinic said if you foward this e-mail then Bill Gates will team up with
AOL and do a survey with NASA. Then the astronauts will collect prayers
from school children all over America and take them up to space so that
the angels can hear them better. Then they will go to the Pope, and he
will take up a collection in church and send the money to the doctors.
The doctors could help me get better then. Maybe one day I will be able
to play baseball. Or maybe just use my lungs and heart, when the doctors
make them. The doctors said that every time you forward this letter, the
astronauts can take another prayer to the angels.

Please help me. Mommy is so sad, and I want a body. I don't want my
leaves to rot before I turn 10. If you don't forward this e-mail, that's
OK. Mommy says you're a mean heartless shithead who doesn't care about a
poor little boy with only a head. She says that, if you don't stew in the
raw pit of your own guilt-ridden stomach, she hopes you die a long slow
horrible death so you can burn forever in the tar pits of hell. What kind
of goddamned person are you that you can't take five fucking minutes to
forward this to all your friends so that they can feel guilt and shame for
the rest of their day, and then maybe help a poor, bodiless nine-year-old

Please help me. This really sucks. I try to be happy but it's hard. I
wish I had a puppy. I wish I could hold a puppy. One time I had a puppy
but he ate my leaves.

Thank You.

The boy with just a head. And a burlap sack for a body.


> * Did you know chemical released by plastic water bottles can cause
> cancer (It is not the water that affecting you but the chemical releasing
> from the bottle) *
> *
> How to avoid:
> Check on the bottom of the bottle there is a triangle sign and there will
> be a number on it. If the number is higher than or equal to 5 --> then
> this bottle is safe to use.* *
> Whatever number under 5 will release the chemical. For most bottle water,
> the number is 1. *

Friday, June 23, 2006

Hashemi - election - ...

This Blog is written by someone who has worked in HASHEMI's election staff: (or whatever it is called in proper english!)

Protecting Your Online Image

From a friend's email, scary stuff when you think about it:


Do you know what comes up when you "Google" your own name? Do you blog or
have a web page on a social networking site such as MySpace or
Facebook? You should be aware that employers are now doing online
background checks of prospective employees. These checks include the use of
common search engines and well as logging on to social networks - even those
you might think are private. One of our own candidates encountered problems
based on personally-posted information. Attached please find our quick
guide to how you can protect your online reputation - during your job search
and throughout your career.
Feel free to contact your recruiter for more information.
Best regards,



Ken Livingstone has been cleared of antisemitism ...

Another fun story:,,1801556,00.html

A few first lines:

Mayor's rebuke to tycoon brothers was 'proportionate and reasonable'

Hugh Muir
Tuesday June 20, 2006
The Guardian

Ken Livingstone's suggestion that two Jewish multi-millionaire property developers might "go back to Iran and try their luck with the ayatollahs" was proportionate and voiced with "good reason", an official inquiry concluded yesterday.
Despite the furore after the London mayor's comments in March about the brothers David and Simon Reuben, the investigating officer found that his comments were justified and could not reasonably have been considered anti-semitic. He said they "were not aimed at causing gratuitous harm, and so were not vindictive".

*------- Read the rest in the link above

BBC coverage of Israel-Palestine Conflict

I have not read this report, but its mere existence is very interesting to me ...


April 2006

Thursday, June 22, 2006


OK here is that further notice.

I am thinking about becoming a fan of "SHAKIRA":

Or "Pussycat dolls":

or "butthole surfers"!!! (no video, sorry)


This weblog is closed until further notice ... It has diverted my energy and focus and I don't have any readers! How do those people with regular readers keep up with this?


i hate giving links because i find them like cheating, but here are some good(?!) stories

PS. don't be shy, leave your comments, whatever they are, i am not going to read them :)
of course this is a lie, i write to get comments :(

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

missed the point

i was informed today that the purpose of weblog is to keep connection with family and friends and to post photos and so on ... so much for my weblogging !

Also, this site seems to be a very popular place for wblogging among young americans:

why should you care? I don't know :)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dark Side

everyone has a dark side

we would like to keep the dark side private, i.e. we like to have the right to privacy

should i allow myself to know too much about myself?

when i started i had a clearer vision but it was gone when i started writing :(

Friday, June 16, 2006


since i have nothing to write, i decided to report some of my observations from reading people weblogs


check this one out:

and this one: especially the comments

i have to think more to come up with a good "JAM BANDI" of these observations

Monday, June 12, 2006

valuable experience

in case you are interested, my experience so far on webloging:

you get the main kick from reading comments, some strange pleasure, maybe like a person who gets naked in front of others and gets (sexual) pleasure out of it? [exhibitionism] but the point is that "what you do" is less important than being observed .... (HEHEHEHE what i am implying is that most weblogs are bullshit=KOS-SHER. mine is clearly a good example, but this may be true for more serious weblogs????)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

impossibility: change

significant changes in our lives are impossible, or have a very low probability. i.e. they can only be product of chance aligned with effort. otherwise, the needed energy for initiating and maintaining a change in life increases with the magnitude of the change and quickly becomes unafordable.


every time i am depressed, (like now, of course!) i get the crazy idea that there should be some activities that i enjoy and would help me to get through depression. on the other hand, based on the experience (from when i am better) i have a feeling that this is BS: when your brain works fine, you enjoy every activity, more or less.

That being said there are activities to help you change your mood, like exercise of course, but then you have very little inspiration for such activities in the depressed mode.

Finally, there are things, like drugs, that instantly move you out of depression, but will throw you back in more violently afterwards.

Result: don't do drugs to escape depression, exercise!!!!

2012-10-08: There is a drug, ketamine, that apparently has very interesting effects on alleviating depression:

Saturday, June 10, 2006


thinking about what good comes out of this weblog thing, i thought at least i should check things that i do not have contact with in normal life ... say crime !!!???? (well, if you know me, well enough, this kind of shit is quite predictable!)

so i am looking at weblogs of inmates now and also checking for other interesting categories, maybe people with deadly illness (AIDS?) or addictions and so on .... what do you think?

(not) reading weblogs

why people read weblogs? I don't get it

for me it is a way of not-doing what i am supposed to do, but what about others? if it's the same then we should all feel pitty for ourselves (readers and writers)

Friday, June 09, 2006


1) One "DAY", people see a moron's fart, a candle in hand, searching ...
What are you looking for?
A smart-ass!

2) Do you believe that i had to re-start my computer, so that I would not forget my first official joke?
Actually, my first joke is in persian, and incomplete .... whatever!

3) Check this guy out, a very smart dude, very good in what he does (excellent designs, I am really impressed) and then at the same time being such a moron to write this ... what the fuck is wrong with us iranians? with this fucking pride that explodes a donkey's ass :)

I may be overreacting, or simply jealous ... oh that's pathetic :(

Pepper --- butthole surfers

2013-04-17: Here is the link to youtube video clip. This is an all time favorite song of mine, lol

Courtesy of sign365

Marky got with Sharon
And Sharon got Cherese
She was sharing Sharon's outlook
On the topic of disease
Mikey had a facial scar
And Bobby was a racist
They were all in love with dyin'
They were doing it in Texas
Tommy played piano
Like a kid out in the rain
Then he lost his leg in Dallas
He was dancing with a train
They were all in love with dyin'
They were drinking from a fountain
That was pouring like an avalanche
Coming down the mountain

I don't mind the sun sometimes
The images it shows
I can taste you on my lips
And smell you in my clothes
Cinnamon and sugary
And softly spoken lies
You never know just how you look
Through other people's eyes

Some will die in hot pursuit
In fiery auto crashes
Some will die in hot pursuit
While sifting through my ashes
Some will fall in love with life
And drink it from a fountain
That is pouring like an avalanche
Coming down the mountain

I don't mind the sun sometimes
The images it shows
I can taste you on my lips
And smell you in my clothes
Cinnamon and sugary
And softly spoken lies
You never know just how you look
Through other people's eyes

Another Mikey took a knife
While arguing in traffic
Flipper died a natural death
He caught a nasty virus
Then there was the ever-present
Football player rapist
They were all in love with dyin'
They were doing it in Texas
Polly caught a bullet
But it only hit his leg
Well it should have been a better shot
And got him in the head
They were all in love with dyin'
They were drinking from a fountain
That was pouring like an avalanche
Coming down the mountain

I don't mind the sun sometimes
The images it shows
I can taste you on my lips
And smell you in my clothes
Cinnamon and sugary
And softly spoken lies
You never know just how you look
Through other people's eyes

Monday, June 05, 2006

five points

I have something special with five points and underground ... well, I have not seen underground yet, but most days I walk through five points and it is an amazing picture of human lives ... the most terrific element, to me, is the sick pigeons (KAFTARHAAYE GAR) walking around fearlessly.

I don't have much to add, it reminds me of my affection toward rough (KHALAF) neighborhoods in Tehran .... I am still the same morron as I was back then!

Friday, June 02, 2006

IT'S NOT ...

.. ``It's not your spread, and it's not how strong you are, and it's not how fast you are, because you have all those thing...