Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Empty space

Maziar has started the KERM of writing blogs with
no audience in mind ... well it is impossible in principle
but still a mind-teasing challenge.
how could you write for empty space? why should
you write for nothing, just pretend you wrote it and
then "forget about it"!!!!

web log

With God's help I am developing a vey good habit of wasting
time on reading weblogs ... the only problem is that "persian"
blogs are /become boring after a little while.
I even don't feel like leaving a comment ... I am sure
non-persian blogs won't be any different, but for now
I have the KERM of finding an intersting non-persian blog.

BTW, I read an AFGHAN blog a few minutes ago: it was funny
(link from MAROOFI blog, which itself is super EFTEZAH!!!)

How about that posner blog hosein used to read ... i should check it!

IT'S NOT ...

.. ``It's not your spread, and it's not how strong you are, and it's not how fast you are, because you have all those thing...