Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Once Again (Here to Kick One for You)

Get up out my way, it's Grand Pub's turn to shine
Hurt MCs ride the pine and get paid, no nevermind
One time as I sew it up like Dr. Frankenstein
Chickens ride the pony cause the rhyme flow genuine
As I do it like that, do it like this
Shorty watch your step or you might get Rocked like Chris
Are you feelin this? You dig the way it's going down?
Now we back in town watch all the chickens crowd around
Niggas try to duplicate my flow but it's difficult
Like a game of Yahtzee
Chickens stress me out like paparazzi
As I flip a flow you desire
Dattie blaze those trees and let's start this forest fire
My rhymes carry like the weight on Barry
Stack cheddar like Combs and buy homes like Larry
I be smoother than Tal, Sharp-ton like Al
When you ballin everybody want to be your pal
No dilly-dally, baggin up the shorter alley
Bouncin in German cars, still playin shot-ball
Brand Nubian cats, here to flip one for you
For sure dog cause this is how we do

Just an old fashioned love song, playin on the radio
Brand Nubian cats, here to flip one for you (2x)

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